Friday, July 1, 2011

Why we should go to Zanzibar.

1. Zanzibar's Stone Town, birthplace of FREDDIE MERCURY, is the only inhabited ancient town in East Africa.

2. Pemba Flying Future-Slices rule the Zanzibar archipelago from Zoroastrian fire temples.

3. All the boys dress like total Gs.

4. The residents of Zanzibar have been both the victims of slavery and German oppression- just like us!

5. The local economy is pretty much entirely dependent on tourism and CLOVE production.

6. The Island has an unreliable power grid and often suffers complete electrical blackouts lasting anywhere from at least a week to a month- which is cool for us because this is when the flying future slices, ancient ghosts, flash light tag and bonfires get next level.

7. Zanzibar is home to a thriving Judo community

8. Their traditional music, Taarab, is pretty cosmic.

9. RimbAud thought Zanzibar would soothe his tormented psyche but never got his health game together to make the trip.
10. Oh, the beaches just happen to look like this:

11. And when you want to eat a fucking curried fish sandwich or something for lunch during beach day- this is where you eat.
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Hey it's Fred's birthday! But you probably already knew that.